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Mission Map Elaria Expedition

Zone QuestsEdit

Hero Conqueror Vanquisher
Rare Rare Pack Dust 50 Legendary Legendary Pack


Mission crystal The Elaria Expedition
Mastery Rewards
1-4 Star Common Toad Warrior
5-6 Star Rare Earth Elemental
7 Star Epic Glass Colossus
One Small Step
Guardian's Training
Undead Emerge
Bury the Dead
First Completion Bonus
Gold 30

Mission crystal Rise of the Dead
Mastery Rewards
1-4 Star Common Angelic Knight
5-6 Star Rare Druid
7 Star Epic Sage of Croaks
Armored Up!
The Buried Cache
First Completion Bonus
Dust 15

Mission crystal The Good, the Bad, and the Fiery
Mastery Rewards
1-4 Star Common Flame Spirit
5-6 Star Rare Fire Imp
7 Star Epic Chaos Storm
Protecting the Tools
Collateral Damage
Missing Cache?!
First Completion Bonus
Gold 50

Mission crystal Source of Chaos
Mastery Rewards
1-4 Star Common Smoldering Elemental
5-6 Star Rare Smelted Lava Slug
7 Star Epic Garganotos
Push them Back
The Bridge
The Necromancer
First Completion Bonus
Dust 20

Mission crystal Wyldwood Depths
Mastery Rewards
1-4 Star Common Mermaid Mage
5-6 Star Rare Cherub
7 Star Epic Lightbound Archer
Into the Woods!
The Wyldwood
Thick Bramble
Nature's Heart
First Completion Bonus
Gold 50

Mission crystal Chaos Contagion
Mastery Rewards
1-4 Star Common Windstorm Elemental
5-6 Star Rare Acidic Spider
7 Star Epic Fallen Angel
Wind in the Woods!
Branching Paths
Renewed Trail
The Hollow

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