Guilds can have from 1 to 50 players. Being in the same guild does not prevent members from battling or stealing artifacts from each other. Guild members fight together during Guild Wars, but a guild must have at least 15 members to participate in a war.

Gold BonusEdit

All members of a guild will gain a percentage-based gold bonus dependent upon the number of members in the guild. The gold bonus affects the amount of gold you receive from Adventure, Bounty, and Events.

The maximum gold bonus is 50%.

Guild RatingEdit

Guild Rating is calculated by taking the sum of all members' Bounty Rank.

Guild Rating only affects position on the Top Guilds list, and has no effect on Guild Wars.


A Guild Leader can specify the guild name upon creation, and this cannot be changed later on. You can at any time edit the description, recruitment options (Open/Closed/Invite-only) and Minimum Bounty Rank required for new members to join.

A Guild Leader and Officers can recruit new members from the Edit screen by entering a player's name in the Search bar. These recruits can see a list of invites on the Guild tab. Guild Leaders can also search for specific players by name.

A Guild Leader can promote any other member to Guild Leader (which demotes the former leader to a standard member).

Guild Leaders can also kick any member unless they have unclaimed rewards from a Guild event.


Guild Leaders can promote any number of members to the positions of Officer, Veteran, Or General. Officers are able to recruit and kick non-officer guild members.

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